Mods For 18 Wheels Of Steel Convoy : Kobelco Wheel Loader : Wagon Wheels Smaller

Mods For 18 Wheels Of Steel Convoy

mods for 18 wheels of steel convoy

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Convoy Escorts

Convoy Escorts

Night time convoy. Here are just a couple of the guys that protected me (I was a former Army Field Artillery Officer but currently work with the Army as a civilian contractor) when I had to travel in convoys from Kuwait to Baghdad and further north. It is terrific to work once agian with decicated service members as I did on active duty many, many years ago. Personally, I don't feel that at least 95% of the civilians without prior military service working in Iraq in support of our military fully understand or appreicate the true sacrifices those in uniform make....just my opinion.

Clappison Cut - Before the beer vat convoy

Clappison Cut - Before the beer vat convoy

I wanted to stay and see the convoy coming up highway 6, but my wife had to work so I had to cut it short. You can see the traffic stopped going northbound as the convoy is beginning to ascend the escarpment, way , way , way down the hill.

mods for 18 wheels of steel convoy

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