Pro Comp Wheels Australia

pro comp wheels australia

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pro comp wheels australia - SRAM MRX

SRAM MRX Comp Bicycle Twist Shifter Set (7-Speed)

SRAM MRX Comp Bicycle Twist Shifter Set (7-Speed)

SRAM MRX Comp twist shifter sets, compatible with Shimano and SRAM MRX rear derailleurs
All sets include cables and friction front shifters; housing sold separately
Cables are replaced without removing shifters
Rear shifters are compatible with Shimano and SRAM DiRT derailleurs
SRAM front shifters work with all major brands of front derailleurs
Item Specifications- Left Shifter
FD/Shifter CompatibilityMountain Triple
Item Specifications- Right Shifter
Cassette SpacingShimano/SRAM 7
Shifter/Derailleur CompatibilityShimano
End TypeShimano/Sram

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Comp Cams 35th Anniversary Poster

Comp Cams 35th Anniversary Poster

Photo I took of Scott Brown's 1932 Ford Roadster made it in Comp Cams 35th Anniversary Poster. The photo is center-top of the number five. Thanks to Scott for entering the photo.

His car and work deserve this recognition for sure!

Comp card (zed card)

Comp card (zed card)

I am making up a comp card for my friend Diana and would love your opinions on this one. Please bear in mind i am a complete amateur so be kind:-)

pro comp wheels australia

pro comp wheels australia

Naztech Reactor Retractable Micro USB Charger w/ USB Charging Port - BlackBerry / Cal-Comp / HTC / LG / Samsung / Nokia / Sony Ericsson

No more tangled wires! Naztech retractable car charger features a fully retractable cable and a USB port for charging a second device. These days we all have a few different gadgets in need of charging, whether it's our mobile or MP3 player. With this handy car charger you have the option of charging two separate devices simultaneously. And thanks to the retractable cable you can use as much or as little cable as you need, when fully extended the cable measures 36 inches. The convenient Rapid Retract Button fully retracts entire length of cable when pressed, and features a blue LED charging indicator

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