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Suzuki Swift Wheel Trims

suzuki swift wheel trims

    suzuki swift
  • The Daewoo Kalos is a subcompact automobile manufactured by GM Daewoo (the South Korean subsidiary of General Motors) introduced in 2002 and marketed globally in 120 countries – prominently as the Chevrolet Aveo (ah-VAY-o).

  • The Suzuki Swift is a subcompact car produced by Suzuki in Japan since 2000. Prior to this, the "Swift" nameplate had been applied to the Suzuki Cultus in export markets such as Australasia, Europe, North America.

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suzuki swift wheel trims - 2004-2008 SUZUKI



This auction includes a complete fog lamp kit for use on the model listed in this auction without the factory fog lamps or as a replacement for existing factory fog lamps. This auction includes everything needed to install and requires no other parts or extensive modification. The BL-300w outperforms regular fog and driving lights in any weather condition. 90 degree beam pattern is both wide and far reaching, die-cast metal housing 55W H3 xenon 4100K white bulbs combined with 10,000K LED parking lights, 3.5" lamps, heavy-duty mounting brackets, 3-function switch, deluxe wiring harness included. BlingLights is one of the true leaders in the lighting industry. They produce Top notch lighting equipment. BlingLights lamps stand out as "lights with attitude".

84% (18)

Suzuki Swift S-Concept 2011

Suzuki Swift S-Concept 2011

Offizielles Bildmaterial aus dem Presskit uber den Suzuki Swift S-Concept vom 81. Internationalen Genfer Auto-Salon 2011

Sportlichkeit und Kompaktheit beim Au?en-Design

Der SWIFT S-CONCEPT basiert auf dem neuen Swift, der im Herbst 2010 in Europa eingefuhrt wurde. Das Konzept zielt auf Sportlichkeit und Kompaktheit ab und prasentiert sich ohne Kompromisse in den Disziplinen Leistung und Performance. Die Karosserie des SWIFT S-CONCEPT liegt tiefer und ist etwa 60 Millimeter breiter konzipiert als beim Swift. So gewinnt das Konzeptmodell an Prasenz ohne sich vom kompakten Gesamteindruck zu entfernen. Die dynamische Form der Sto?fanger und ein gro?er Heckspoiler vermitteln den Eindruck maximaler Beschleunigung und Kraftentfaltung. Die 18-Zoll-Sportrader unterstreichen die Optik und sorgen fur solide und stabile Handling-Eigenschaften sowie sicheres Fahrgefuhl. Die Scheinwerfer und Heckleuchten im exklusiven Hightech-Design runden den sportlichen Auftritt des SWIFT S-CONCEPT ab.

1992 Geo Metro Convertible with Suzuki Swift GT Trim 2

1992 Geo Metro Convertible with Suzuki Swift GT Trim 2

Swift GT front bumper and fog lamps, Audi A4 side marker lights, cloth top, 14" Swift wheels. Car is approaching 190,000 miles on the odometer but I wouldn't hesitate to drive it cross-country tomorrow if I had to. Best $1000 I ever spent, and that was five years ago.

suzuki swift wheel trims

suzuki swift wheel trims

Alternity A-03 Suzuki Swift Sport - Cliff - Supreme Red Pearl

Alternity A-03 Suzuki Swift Bumblebee: Red Pearl (Cliffjumper) is comprised of both metal and die-cast. Cliffjumper transforms from the compact Suzuki Swift into a stocky robot mode with dimensions vaguely comparable to those of a Sharkticona?TMs robot mode. The Alternity Cliffjumper is equipped with twin blaster pistols, and his unique head sculpt individualizes him from that of Alternity Bumblebee. Cliffjumpera?TMs is one of the fastest of the Autobots, and often uses his superior speed to draw away Decepticon fire, although he is somewhat averse to rough terrain. Loyal to the Autobot cause and eager to eliminate the Decepticons, Cliffjumper strikes with daring unsurpassed by his peers, although this same daring frequently places him in untenable situations. Cliffjumper is capable of shooting a??glass gasa?, which makes metal as brittle as glass.

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