Custom style replacement wheel covers - Best deals on wheels and tires - Free download for 18 wheels of steel.

Custom Style Replacement Wheel Covers

custom style replacement wheel covers

    custom style
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    wheel covers
  • The first Cadillac wheel covers were introduced in 1932;  it is rumored that chauffeurs and owners alike were getting tired of cleaning spoked wheels!

  • (Wheel cover) A hubcap, wheel cover or wheel trim is a decorative disk on an automobile wheel that covers at least a central portion of the wheel. Cars with stamped steel wheels often use a full wheel cover that conceals the entire wheel.

  • A decorative metal or plastic disc that obscures a vehicles stamped steel wheels, lug nuts and/or hubs from view.

  • The action or process of replacing someone or something

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custom style replacement wheel covers - Cole Foster

Cole Foster and Salinas Boyz Customs: Style. Substance.

Cole Foster and Salinas Boyz Customs: Style. Substance.

For nearly twenty years Cole Fosters Salinas Boys shop had been rolling out some of the tightest hot rods and customs to hit the road, along with an ever-increasing number of super-clean bobbers. To date, the pinnacle of their achievement has been the 36 Ford that Foster and Salinas Boys built for Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, a four-year build that an awestruck hot rod press documented and celebrated every step of the way.

This book offers an inside look at the genius behind the vehicles. Mike LaVella goes behind the scenes with the often-outspoken Foster to find out what really makes him tick. Full of photographs chronicling Coles life from his days as a California skateboarder to his emergence as a master craftsman, the book traces his aesthetic back to the early influence of his father, drag racing Hall of Famer Pat Foster. Here are the most-photographed and talked-about vehicles the Salinas Boys have turned out since opening shop in 1990, with the stories behind each.

The book also features fabulous color photographs of Hammetts 36 (in both its bare-metal and final black configurations), Mike Ness 54 Chevy, Coles cherry pearl 53 Chevy shop truck (recently sold to Jesse James of "Monster Garage" fame), Coles 54 Belair hardtop, and more. Readers also get a close-up look at some of the bikes the Boys have produced, including the now-legendary "blue bobber" and Beautiful Loser, which appeared on Discovery Channels "Biker Build Off." With a foreword from Hammett and sidebar testimonials from Fosters admirers--including Willie Davidson, Chip Foose, Jesse James, and Jimmie Vaughan--this is the official word on one of the worlds great custom builders.

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These are my first ever monster high full repaints. I completely removed all of their make up except for the scar on frankie's cheeck.

I think I'm finally finding my custom style, this tends to be how I draw stylized women so I'm glad I was finally able to translate that into my repaints ( I'm such a rookie at this).

I hope you enjoy them! I'm very releived to have draculaura looking much softer and kinder.

Canon Custom Picture Styles

Canon Custom Picture Styles

Example of my own Canon Custom Picture Styles.
All photos use Auto white Balance and no exposure compensation.

I developed Alex_Por and Alex_Por2 for sunsets.
Alex_Por pulls the blue sky and Alex_Por2 pulls up shadows.

If you want the custom picture styles files just ask me!

Shot with Canon EOS 350D

custom style replacement wheel covers

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