18 wheels of steel pedal to the metal wiki - Folding utility cart with wheels.

18 Wheels Of Steel Pedal To The Metal Wiki

18 wheels of steel pedal to the metal wiki

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dAve Pedal Board v3.1

dAve Pedal Board v3.1

as of 2-2008; new power strip and cables, PZung Harmonic Percolator, EH Stereo Memory Man.

Chain: Guitars(2) > EH SwitchBlade > Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner > EH Small Stone > MXR Distortion+ > Boss BD-2 Blues Driver > Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer > Morely Volume Pedal > Boss TR-2 Tremelo > Dunlop Uni-Vibe > Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay > Boss DD-3 Digital Delay > EH Deluxe Memory Man > EH Stereo Memory Man > Fender Twin Reverb

Lyotard Berthet platform pedals

Lyotard Berthet platform pedals

Just testing these out for myself. They have a shiny finish, the bearings feel pretty smooth, and they have an interesting design. The Berthets don't cut into street shoes like Campy-style quill pedals. They don't seem as comfortable as their modern counterpart, the MKS GR-9s because they still have a little nub for slotted cleats.

18 wheels of steel pedal to the metal wiki

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